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Humidifier Solution, Jars & Drymistat Tubes

Humidifier Solution, Humidifier Crystal Gel & Drymistat Tubes

Maintain the freshness and flavor of your cigars!
Our Propylene Glycol Humidifier Solution helps avoid mold or bacteria growth that can ruin your cigars. Our Humidifier Jars and Drymistat Tubes help preserve your cigars with minimal maintenance.

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  • PG Humidification Solution

    PG Humidification Solution

    Item# PGSOL

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    Humidifier Solution Maintains 70% Humidity & Prevents Cigar Mold & Bacteria Growth
  • Crystal Humidifier Jar

    Crystal Humidifier Jar

    Item# CGJAR

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    2 oz. Gel Humidification Humidifier Jar w/ Water Crystals. Regulates to 70% Humidity.
  • Drymistat Humidifier Tube

    Drymistat Humidifier Tube

    Item# DRYMST

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    Space Saving Gel Humidifier Tube Regulates Humidity to 70% in Your Cigar Humidor.
  • Boveda Humidity Packs

    Boveda Humidity Packs

    Starting at: $3.95

    Item# BVDA/GRP

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    60 Gram Boveda Packs Provide Hassle-free Maintenance for Cigars
  • Humidity Beads (1/4 or 1/2 or 1 lb. Bag)

    Humidity Beads (1/4 or 1/2 or 1 lb. Bag)

    Starting at: $7.95

    Item# BEADS/GRP

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    1/4 or 1/2 lb. Bags of Humidity Crystal Beads - Just Add Distilled Water!
  • Water Pillows (10 Pack)

    Water Pillows (10 Pack)

    Item# PILLW

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    Cigar Humidifier w/ Flat Space Saving Design Perfect for Use in Zip Lock Cigar Bags

6 Item(s)

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