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Acrylic Jars & Cigar Minder

Acrylic Cigar Jars & Cigar Minder Clips

Add convenience and function when storing or smoking your cigars with our easy-to-use Acrylic Jar and the all-purpose Cigar Minder clip. Acrylic cigar jars are a great space-saving alternative to larger cigar humidors. These jars are see-through and include a humidifier and feature a lock-tight clasp with an exceptional seal. -- How many of us are guilty of leaving lit cigars hanging off the edge of a table? Cigar Minder Clips are great accessories for keeping lit cigars secure hands-free.

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  • Acrylic Cigar Jar

    A humidified cigar jar humidor with cigars inside

    Item# AJ25

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    Store up to 25 of Your Favorite Cigars with this 9" Acrylic Cigar Jar. Includes Humidifier
  • Cigar Minder Clip

    Cigar Minder Clip

    Starting at: $9.95


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    The Intelligent Cigar Minder Clip Holds Lit Cigars In Place Hands Free at a Great Price

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