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  • 3 Cigar Leather Case

    3 Cigar Leather Case

    Was: $13.95

    Now: $11.16

    Item# LC3


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    Black 3 Finger Leather Cigar Case. Protect 7.5" 48 Ring Gauge Cigars. Perfect for Travel
  • Cherry Two-Tone 2 Cigar Ashtray

    Cherry Two-Tone 2 Cigar Ashtray

    Was: $14.50

    Now: $12.33

    Item# ASH2CR


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    2-Tone Cherry Wood Cigar Ashtray w/ 2 Cigar Beds & Stainless Steel Accents
  • PG Humidification Solution

    PG Humidification Solution

    Was: $6.95

    Now: $5.56

    Item# PGSOL


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    Humidifier Solution Maintains 70% Humidity & Prevents Cigar Mold & Bacteria Growth
  • THE Valencia

    THE Valencia

    Was: $109.00

    Now: $92.65

    Item# VLNCA


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    120 Count Lacquer Humidor w/ Beveled Glass and an Oversized External Hygrometer
  • THE Richmond

    THE Richmond

    Was: $96.00

    Now: $81.60

    Item# RGNT


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    75 Count Glass Top Cigar Humidor with 3 Cedar Drawers & External Hygrometer
  • THE Presidential

    THE Presidential

    Was: $97.50

    Now: $82.80

    Item# AMB


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    Load up to 100 Stogies in this Handsome Inlaid Beveled Glass Top Cigar Humidor.
  • THE Santa Barbara

    THE Santa Barbara

    Was: $119.95

    Now: $101.96

    Item# STSON


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    150 Count Tobacco Leaf Inlaid Lacquer Humidor w/ Removable Tray & Lock Set
  • THE Winston

    THE Winston

    Was: $185.95

    Now: $158.05

    Item# WLDF


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    150 Ct. Ultra-Sleek Arc Shaped Ebony Wood Lacquer Humidor w/ Silver Cigar Scissors
  • THE Imperial (Cherry)

    THE Imperial (Cherry)

    Was: $27.95

    Now: $23.76

    Item# CHLT


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    This 25-50 Ct. Cherry Small Cigar Humidor has Everything You Need to Get Started.
  • THE Cigar Safe 5 (Camouflage)

    THE Cigar Safe 5 (Camouflage)

    Was: $24.25

    Now: $19.99

    Item# CST5/C


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    5 Stick Unique Camouflage ABS Plastic Travel Humidors with Handle & Humidifier.
  • THE Bellevue 20

    THE Bellevue 20

    Was: $39.95

    Now: $33.96

    Item# BLVUE20


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    20 Count High Lacquer Dark Mahogany Discount Cigar Humidor
  • Triangular Maple Lacquer Ashtray

    Triangular Maple Lacquer Ashtray

    Was: $18.95

    Now: $16.10

    Item# ASH3W


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    Dark Maple Wood & Black Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray with Stainless Ash Reservoir
  • Folding Case with Cutter (Brown)

    Folding Case with Cutter (Brown)

    Was: $22.95

    Now: $19.51

    Item# LCFC/BRN


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    Brown Leather Folding 3 Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter & Snap Tight Closure
  • Folding Case with Cutter (Black)

    Folding Case with Cutter (Black)

    Was: $22.95

    Now: $19.51

    Item# LCFC/BLK


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    Black Leather Folding 3 Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter & Snap Tight Closure
  • THE Supernova

    THE Supernova

    Was: $17.50

    Now: $14.00

    Item# SPNVAGRP


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    Sleek Black & Gun Metal Cigar Lighters w/ Chrome Detail & Built-In Punch Cutter.
  • Bazooka Cigar Torch (Red)

    Bazooka Cigar Torch (Red)

    Was: $29.95

    Now: $23.96

    Item# BZKA/RD


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    6.25" Red Pistol Style Desktop Torch with Ludicrous 6 Inch Flame Reach!
  • THE Baldwin

    THE Baldwin

    Was: $199.00

    Now: $169.15

    Item# BLDWN


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    150 Ct. Humidor w/ Slide & Lock Dividers & Storage Compartments for Accessories
  • THE Matrix

    THE Matrix

    Was: $18.50

    Now: $14.80

    Item# MTRXGRP


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    Sleek Copper & Gun Metal Cigar Lighters w/ Angled Point Flame Detail & Built-In Punch Cutter.
  • 'Smokin Ash' Quadrangle (Purple)

    'Smokin Ash' Quadrangle (Purple)

    Was: $25.95

    Now: $20.76



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    Smokin Ash Quadrangle Square Ashtray - Gloss Metallic (Purple)

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