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In addition to our phenomenal prices on our humidors & cigars, 1st Class Cigar Humidors features a full line of discount cigar accessories at amazing prices. Browse through our collection of electronic humidifiers, cigar cutters, bullet cutters, accessory cigar cases, lighters, ashtrays and more for your cigars. Buy cigar accessories and humidor accessories at 1st Class Cigar and save!

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  • Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0

    Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0

    Item# COU

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    Portable Electronic Humidification System Maintains Up to 100 Cigars Or 1.5 Cubic Ft.
  • Cigar Oasis Excel

    Cigar Oasis Excel

    Item# COXL

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    Automatic Electric Humidification Unit. Maintains 50-300 Cigars (Up to 4 Cubic Ft)
  • Folding Case with Cutter (Black)

    Folding Case with Cutter (Black)

    Item# LCFC/BLK

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    Black Leather Folding 3 Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter & Snap Tight Closure
  • Cigar Oasis Plus

    Cigar Oasis Plus

    Item# COP

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    High Output Automatic Electronic Humidity System for 300-999 Cigars (4-10 cubic ft)
  • Cigar Oasis Magna

    Cigar Oasis Magna

    Item# COXLII

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    Huge Output Humidifier for Large Humidors from 1,000-5,000 cigars (10-60 cubic ft.)
  • Oasis Excel Standard Refill Cartridge

    Oasis Excel Standard Refill Cartridge

    Item# COXLR

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    Cartridge Fits Cigar Oasis Excel. Charged w/ Distilled Water & Mold Retardant
  • PG Humidification Solution

    PG Humidification Solution

    Item# PGSOL

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    Humidifier Solution Maintains 70% Humidity & Prevents Cigar Mold & Bacteria Growth
  • Crystal Humidifier Jar

    Crystal Humidifier Jar

    Item# CGJAR

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    2 oz. Gel Humidification Humidifier Jar w/ Water Crystals. Regulates to 70% Humidity.
  • Drymistat Humidifier Tube

    Drymistat Humidifier Tube

    Item# DRYMST

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    Space Saving Gel Humidifier Tube Regulates Humidity to 70% in Your Cigar Humidor.
  • 2 Cigar Leather Case

    2 Cigar Leather Case

    Item# LC2

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    Black 2 Finger Leather Cigar Case. Stores 7.5 Inch 48 Ring Gauge Cigars. Portable in Size.
  • 3 Cigar Leather Case

    3 Cigar Leather Case

    Item# LC3

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    Black 3 Finger Leather Cigar Case. Protect 7.5" 48 Ring Gauge Cigars. Perfect for Travel
  • Cigar Leather Case w/ Cutter (Brown)

    Cigar Leather Case w/ Cutter (Brown)

    Item# LCG2/BRN

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    Brown Leather Cigar Case. Includes Stainless Guillotine Cutter Stored Inside Built-In Pouch
  • Acrylic Cigar Tube

    Acrylic Cigar Tube

    Item# ACT500

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    Promotional Cigar Tube w/ Press Fit Cap. Accommodates 6.25" 52 Ring Gauge Cigars.
  • The Emerald Cigar Lighter

    The Emerald Cigar Lighter

    Item# EMRLD

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    These Dual Flame Cigar Lighters Feature an Adjustable Standard & Torch Style Flame.
  • The Galaxy Torch Lighter

    The Galaxy Torch Lighter

    Item# GLXY

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    Buy Cigar Lighters Like this Ribbed Tank Style Triple Torch Lighter with Flame Lock
  • Ashtray with Hidden Humidor

    Ashtray with Hidden Humidor

    Item# ASHHUM

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    Brazilian Rosewood & Black Lacquer Sliding Ashtray Humidor with Humidifier.
  • Stinky Standing Cigar Ashtray

    Stinky Standing Cigar Ashtray

    Item# STNK/S

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    Free Standing Bowl Style Cigar Ashtrays Featuring Center Tray & Carrying Handle.
  • Acrylic Cigar Jar

    Acrylic Cigar Jar

    Item# AJ25

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    Store up to 25 of Your Favorite Cigars with this 9" Acrylic Cigar Jar. Includes Humidifier

104 Item(s)

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