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Etheral Cigarette Ashtray (Ivory)

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Product Description

The days of putting your cigarettes out by pressing them into the bottom of your ashtray are over. The Etheral ashtray for cigarettes is a simple, elegant and functional product that extinguishes your cigarettes automatically keeping your fingers clean of stains and free of odors.  The Etheral's internal structure extinguishes cigarettes by restricting oxygen to the lit end.  This eliminates the risk of fire hazard from cigarettes that are left burning. The ashtray's clever design traps ash and cigarette butts inside the device keeping your indoor area free of unpleasant odors. Also contains ash and debris so wind or motion doesn't create unnecessary mess.  Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and bonded leather this ashtray is ideal for personal use and makes for the perfect gift.  Even fits in the cup holder of most vehicles.

How the Etheral Ashtray Works:

* As you smoke, flick the ashes into the top self-cleaning channel of the ashtray.
* When done with your cigarette, place it into one of the special bakelite burn-out holes (without applying pressure).
* Wait 5-8 seconds for the cigarette to burn out on its own.
* Dispose and store the cigarette by briskly pushing it inside.
* The action of pushing the cigarette into the ashtray will automatically pivot the channel inward so that the ash will fall into the reservoir.
* The Ethereal Ashtray is easy to clean with dishwashing liquid and a sponge.
* The bakelite burn-out holes can be cleaned with the cleaning brush accessory (included)
* Regular cleaning of the Etheral is suggested for optimal function.


Etheral Ashtrays Extinguish Cigarettes Automatically
Eliminates Unpleasant Odors by Trapping Unsightly Butts & Ash Inside the Device
Minimizes Fire Hazard
Made of Stainless Steel and Bonded Leather
Striking Appearance
Conveniently Fits in the Cup Holder of Most Vehicles
Unique One-of-a-Kind Design

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