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Plus Battery Pack

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The Cigar Oasis Plus Refill Cartridge with Rechargeable Battery Pack attaches to the Plus control unit. The unit is then plugged into a wall outlet to charge. With the included batteries inside its cartridge, the Cigar Oasis Plus can operate without outlet power. Need to take your cigar humidor along for the ride while on the go? When equipped with the battery pack, the Cigar Oasis Plus can come along too! Each cartridge contains a foam core center charged with distilled water and a mold retardant agent. The auxiliary fan in the main electric control unit extracts air from inside of your humidor and forces it through the distilled water cartridge which "charges" the air with moisture. The Cigar Oasis Plus then releases the moist air into the humidor which can thus be absorbed by the cigars. The refill frequency and life of the cartridge will depend on the dimensions of the humidor, how tightly sealed your humidor is and the state of your cigars. Normally you can expect a refill cartridge in a well sealed humidor with 75-125 cigars that is opened 3-5 times a week to last as long as 7 to 9 months. Cigar Oasis Plus Battery Pack measures: 6" long x 2" wide x 1.75" high and includes a low battery indicator so you know when to recharging is required.


Fits "Cigar Oasis Plus" Units (NOTE: this accessory add-on, does not fit previous "Cigar Oasis XL Plus" units - if your Oasis device has an "XL Plus" decal on it, this cartridge will not work)
Cartridge Charged with Distilled Water & Mold Retardant Agent
Short Profile Water Cartridge w/ Rechargeable Battery Pack Allows Oasis Unit to Operate Without Outlet Power
Lasts Up to 7-9 Months Between Refills
Measures: 6" long x 2" wide x 1.75" high

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