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SPECIAL JAMAICANS cigars are one of the most sought after premium cigar brands money can buy. These fine cigars can be conveniently purchased online and shipped directly to your door.

Special Jamaicans are hand rolled bundled cigars that “tee it up” with the quality and flavor of any mild premium cigar. Smooth and sweet flavor for less money.

Prod ID
Retail Price
Our Price
CHURCHILL SPJACH5Pack of 5$23.00$14.66
CHURCHILL SPJAC3_1Single$4.60$4.60
CHURCHILL SPJAC3Bundle of 20$92.00$55.14
CHURCHILL SPJACHBundle of 20$92.00$55.14
CHURCHILL SPJACH_1Single$4.60$4.60
MAYFAIR SPJM5Pack of 5$27.31$17.25
MAYFAIR SPJAMABundle of 20$109.25$63.19
MAYFAIR SPJAM3Bundle of 20$109.25$63.19
REY DEL REY SPJARR5Pack of 5$30.19$18.98
REY DEL REY SPJARRBundle of 20$120.75$74.69
REY DEL REY SPJAR35Pack of 5$30.19$18.98
REY DEL REY SPJAR3Bundle of 20$120.75$74.69
SIZE A SPJAABundle of 20$80.50$51.69
SIZE A SPJAA_1Single$4.02$4.02
SIZE A SPJAA3Bundle of 20$80.50$51.69
SIZE C SPJACBundle of 20$80.50$47.09
SIZE D SPJAD_1Single$4.31$4.31
SIZE D SPJAD3Bundle of 20$86.25$52.84
SIZE D SPJAD5Pack of 5$21.56$13.80
SIZE D SPJADBundle of 20$86.25$52.84

1st Class Cigars provides cheap wholesale pricing on some of the best SPECIAL JAMAICANS cigars available on the market today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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