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Product Code: MXAS

Montecristo is known for producing wonderfully tasting cigars; ones that literally make the aficionados salivate in anticipation. So it comes as no real surprise that Montecristo has traveled to Africa in search of even more flavor, even more exotic blends to enhance their renowned line. Of course, Cameroon produces one of the world’s most rare and expensive wrappers. It almost goes without saying Cameroon is the wrapper Montecristo selects for Afrique. However, in the shadow of Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro, Montecristo has located the most rare of the rare, a filler tobacco that brings a new meaning to the word exotic. Forming part of the blend that makes up the Montecristo Afrique, it is combined with similarly rich Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and Peru to produce the newest, most exciting cigar taste in years. In the no-nonsense method of traditional Montecristo cigar making, the medium to full-bodied Montecristo Afrique is expertly handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and has a wonderfully distinct, entrancing flavor with an exotic, spicy core. As the connoisseurs have raved over previous Montecristo cigars, they’ll have to find new words to describe the indescribably rich and creamy, one-of-a-kind taste of Montecristo Afrique. The Montecristo Afrique is an absolute must-try for all cigar aficionados. We are fortunate to have an extremely limited quantity of this exciting new Montecristo. Because we know this pitifully small allotment will fly off our shelves, we urge you to act quickly to get your supply.

Origin: Dominican Republic Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper Type: Cameroon Wrapper Color: Medium Brown EMS
Binder: Ecuador Ring Gauge: 43
Filler AfricaNicaraguaPeru Length: 5.5
Packaging: Box of 10 Glass Tubes Retail: $ 71.88
Our Price: $59.74

Abbreviation Key:  

BRA = Brazil
CAM = Cameroon
CBCS = Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed
CI = Canary Island
COL = Colombia
CRJ = Cuban Corojo
CR = Costa Rica
CT = Connecticut
CTBL = Connecticut Broadleaf
CTMT = Connecticut Medio Tiempo
CTSH = Connecticut Shade
DR = Dominican Republic
ECCT = Ecuador Connecticut
ECSU = Ecuador Sumatran
EUR = Europe

H2000 = Habana 2000
H98C = Havana 98 Criollo
HMGT = Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
HON = Honduras
HONMT = Honduras Medio Tiempo
IND = Indonesian
ITA = Italian Habano Seed
JAM = Jamaica
MEX = Mexico
NTL = Natural Tobacco Leaf
NIC = Nicaragua
PENN = Pennsylvania
PR = Puerto Rico
SUM = Sumatra
VAR = Various

Wrapper Color Key:

Dbl. Claro (C) = Candela, Double Claro, Jade, Light Green, AMS
EMS (E) = English Market Selection, Colorado, Medium Brown, EMS
Natural (N) = Natural, Shade Grown, Claro, Light Brown
Maduro (M) = Maduro, Colorado Maduro, Dark Brown, SMS
Oscuro (X) = Oscuro, Double Maduro, Very Dark Brown, Black


1st Class Cigars provides wholesale pricing on some of the finest MONTECRISTO AFRIQUE SUBLIMATION and premium cigars available today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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