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Cigar Minder and Cigar Jars


Acrylic Cigar Jars & Cigar Minder Clips

Add convenience and function when storing or smoking your cigars with our easy-to-use Acrylic Jar and all-purpose Cigar Minder clip.



acrylic jar for your cigars

With Humidor Purchase       Only $13.50
Without Humidor Purchase  Only $14.50



Acrylic Cigar Jar

Looking for portability and simplicity? This humidified cigar jar humidor is not only a great buy but makes a fantastic gift. Constructed of durable acrylic, this jar can protect and hold up to 25 cigars.

  • 9" in Height
  • Rubber gasket for tight seal
  • Round humidifier included (attaches to underside of lid)
  • Clasp closure keeps top secured
  • Spanish Cedar Interior Lining on Bottom

Cigar Minder

CigarMinder on the Boat
For Use...On the Boat...
Hold Your Cigar in Place on the Golf Course
On the Golf Course...

Clip your Cigar in Place Anywhere
In the Yard...

Stop getting disappointed over broken or lost cigars!

Made of quality ABS plastic for lightweight & durable performance. Use the Cigar Minder in all your favorite places.
Only $9.95


Cigar Minder Clip

Have you ever needed to put your cigar down for moment and had no place to put it? Stop placing your lit cigars on the ends of tables or other surfaces and pick up one of these!

The All-Purpose Cigar Minder Clip is:

  • Great for people on the move
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Keeps your cigar in place without damaging the wrapper.
  • Clamp holds Cigar Minder in place anywhere.
  • No more broken or lost cigars.
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